Monday, 28 September 2015

And so another crostic...

A few from Mr Shakespeare, so they should be easy to find, and a few SF and comics...

Friday, 25 September 2015

Answers to the recentest puzzle!

A) Player on the other side.
B) Oath
C) Letter
D) Lewd
E) Ebb.
F) New
G) Fattened.
H) Robert Graves.
I) Of
J) Miniature Australian Shepherd.
K) Add
L) Fond.
M) Ute.
N) Timekeeper Conspiracy.
O) Unhitch.
P) Rube.
R) Hub.
S) Ashy.
T) Remission.
U) Vocative.
W) Svetlana Kuznetsova.
X) Thy.

First letters read: Pollen from a Future Harvest.
Text: The temperature of the planet hovered around seventy Kelvins but was minutely rising each year. The vacuum photosynthesizers absorbed infrared that would otherwise have been reflected back into space.I hope you enjoyed that one. Another one soon!

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Just for a change I thought I would try some clues in cryptic form. So one lot is normal, the other is cryptic. And when I tried them I couldn't remember what I meant in one of the cryptic clues!
You can print one lot of clues. or the other. Or if you have paper to spare, both!

Monday, 21 September 2015

The solution for the last one:
A) Jar
B) Obsolete
C) Hatch
D) Nook
E) Revoke
F) Ytterbium
G) Aft
H) Naked athlete
I) Practices deft twitch
J) Ask
K) Nut
L) Effect
M) Leslie Charteris
N) Both
O) Yttrium
P) Prodigal
Q) Add
R) Network
S) Egg
T) Loss

The first words of which read: John Ryan Panel by Panel.

The text: The story was set in the outback and covered the attempt of Blue, his girlfriend Kit, and their blacktracker jacky to locate the famous Pettigrew lost gold reef.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

This is a pretty simple puzzle, but it does have a context.
We have had a lot of copies of a drawing of my father from the Second World War, drawn by an artist, Unk White. I suddenly realised that Unk White was featured in a book about cartoonists. So this is sort of related to me!

The clues are pretty straightforward, except (I), but you'll get there!
The solutions to the September 8 post:

A) Laurel Canyon
B) Augustus does his bit
C) tUrf
D) Repudiate
E) Every time we say goodbye
F) Latch
G) Lazy thief
H) King George
I) Huw
J) Aphid
K) Magnificent Ambersons
L) I wept
M) Loathsome
N) They came to Baghdad
O) Off with his head
P) Noted heft.
R) Intact
S) Tweet
T) Light
U) Immediate
V) Scherzo with tyrannosaurus

Title: Laurell K Hamilton, Hit List.

And even the text:  I was eating my Egg McMuffin as Edward drove. He'd gotten the breakfast burrito which always puzzled me, but hey! it wasn't my stomach. He'd eaten his before he put the car in gear. He still had that guy and cop ability to inhale food because you might not get to finish it otherwise.

And so I'll have to post another one soon...

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Another puzzle.
This has a fault again. Clue C) is shifted to the left a bit so the crostic part is lined up!Sorry!
But I hope you enjoy it.

The answer in a week or so!
The solution for the previous crostic:

A) Deja vu
B) Image in the sand
C) conjugate
D) karyatid
E) From Here to Eternity.
F) Robert Louis Stevenson
G) A japanese spaniel
H) Novak Djokovic
I) chimney
J) I ebb
K) seem
L) traverse
N) timber
O) Happy Highwayman
P) Every man in his humour
Q) hew yew
R) I
S) lessee
T) trader

And the first letters read: Dick Francis, To the Hilt.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

This one is from a well-known racing writer. It should be easy enough, but it is all dialogue, so lots of abbreviations.

Note the clue at the bottom...