Monday, 31 August 2015

The solutions for the last crostic!

I am getting a bit slow. I enjoy making them up, then I have to get each one checked, etc...
I am having a brief run on novels by C S Harris, reading them and doing a few puzzles. The puzzles tend to have a lot of what someone is dressed in...
I am just finishing the tenth novel. And then have to wait six months for the next!

A) Captains Holiday
B) Sb  (Lead was stibnium or something like that in Latin.)
C) Him
D) Ale
E) Rock
F) Row
G) It
H) Sock
I) Way to dusty death.
j) Hit
K) Eve
L) Repent
M) Ebb.
N) SLR (or Single-Lens Reflex)
O) Hew
P) Adhere
Q) Drill.
R) Oil
S) Wok
T) Ski
U) Dire
V) Adept
W) Noneuclidean Geometry
X) Call of the wild.
Y) Ell

The first letters read:  C S Harris, Where Shadows Dance.

Text: She wore pale yellow kid half boots that laced up the back and coordinated nicely with her yellow kid gloves and a teal silk reticule embroidered with tiny primroses.

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

First a new puzzle:

I don't think this will  be too hard.
And the solution to last week's puzzle:

A) Rusticate
B) Orphans of the sky
C) Balancing
D) exultant
E) restraint
F) The door into summer
G) ruff
H) cataract
I) Hit
J) An outpost of the Empire
K) Space Cadet
L) ea
M) Drunkards Walk
N) ei
O) caraway
Q) You are cordially invited
R) iris
S) New Teen Titans
T) Go tell it on the mountain
U) own
V) racist
W) Bandwagon
X) it
Y) tactic

And the first letters say: Robert R Chase: Decaying Orbit.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

A crostic with an emphasis on science fiction novels...

This may be reasonably hard, as there are a lot of novels by the authors represented, but there are always the answer in a few days' time!

Friday, 14 August 2015

From the last post,
A) goldsmith
B) Romancing Mister Bridgerton
C) elf
D) Ghostwalker
E) Whale
F) glaucoma
H) Naff
I) galah
J) Little Annie Rooney
K) oaf
L) rattail
M) yam.

First letters read: Greg Egan, Glory

Text: An ingot of metallic hydrogen gleamed in the starlight, a narrow cylinder half a meter long with a mass of about half a kilogram.

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Saturday, 8 August 2015

From my last post...

A) Red sails in the sunset
B) other
C) By the pricking of my thumbs. (said the witches in Macbeth.)
D) E
E) role
F) The Dragon and theRose
G) A huff
H) Gave
I) Ether
J) Lew Hoad
K) low
L) Irrational
M) Shove
N) Kilowatt
O) Naphtha
P) In
Q) Grief
R) Hie
S) The Sword and the Swan
T) Shaw
U) Hen
V) One
W) Nice
X) Owe
Y) Ruff

And the first words read:  Roberta Gellis, Knights Honor

And the text..

Even in his haste Hereford had chosen only those troops who would have a personal interest in this fight because a few men hot with rage were better for this kind of work than a huge army halfhearted and unwilling.

Monday, 3 August 2015

This doing a puzzle every week may be getting a bit tiring! But still, here is one:

If anyone needs it, the answers in a  week or so!

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Solutions for "Hear me roar,"

A) King of the Royal Mounted
B) A twig
C) Trouble with Lichen
D) Harold the Dauntless
E) Roughshod
F) Yorkshire terrier
G) night
H) hitI) Old white bearded Satan
J) Risa
K) Ewe
L) ghost
M) et
N) now
O) eight
P) Ro
Q) allies
R) thoughtful
S) is
V) Zenna Henderson
W) E
X) restless
Y) Os  (for osmium.)

and the first letters read: Kathryn Hore, Generation Zero.