Monday, 30 March 2015

This is a crostic about comics!
It is from the Melbourne Science Fiction Club's magazine so if you have read that you have seen it.

I am a little proud of this one, because it sticks  to a theme.
Remember, you can make the diagrams bigger, and print them.
Solution for Angel of Terror"

A) Etc
B) Dido Queen of Carthage
C) Gabriel Setup
D) Arms and the Man
E) Reiterate
F) When the Gangs Came to London
G) Adventure of the Christmas Pudding
H) Let he who is without sin (Sorry, not my grammatical mistake!)
I) Lady Windermere's Fan
J) Acidic
K) Crystal Star
L) Emit
M) The simpleton of the unexpected Isles
N) How he lied to her husband
P)A mast
Q) nighttime
R) G
S) echo
T) Lucius Shepard
U( Omit
V) Further
W) Turgid
X) Exertion
Y) Rim
[) ohm
\)  rimy

And the first letters read: Edgar Wallace, The Angel of Mercy

It was a curious fact that while her father made the most guarded references to all their exploits, and clothed them with garments of euphemism, his daughter never attempted any such disguise. The psychologist would find in Mr Briggerlands the embryo of a once dominant rectitude no trace of which remained in his daughter's moral equipment.

Monday, 23 March 2015

Murder mystery crostic.

My third puzzle!

This one is  from a fairly old murder mystery, and has a clue also a murder mystery. It shouldn't be hard, as you have the internet to consult!
Don't forget, you can print the puzzle as a couple of jpgs, making them big!

Second puzzle:
A) demagogue
B)  I’ll pour this pestilence into his ear
C) Appointment with death
D) Now is the winter of our discontent
E) eggs.
F) cough
G) ash
H) Roustabout
I) ebbs
J) youth
K) boathouse
M) Shall I Compare thee
N) Taken at the flood
P) et
Q) She should have died hereafter
R) Tizz
S) In the  pale moonlight
T) numb
U)You who vow

The first letters read: Diane Cary, Best Destiny

He touched both forefingers to the specialized maze above his eyes and thought about  what it all meant to him, how long it would take to build up the revenue he needed for his long term plans, thought about how efficiently he was using these moronic toad pirates to his own purposes.

Sunday, 15 March 2015

My second crostic!

The last clue is a bit feeble, but you only need to get a few of the answers to get it out.

The text is a Star Trek novel, but the clues are somewhat more eclectic.

Remember, there is no punctuation, and the words end at shaded squares. So the second clue involving Iago needs an apostrophe.

Free acrostic puzzle based on the Big Honey Dog Mysteries

One of my older puzzles is at parlance's blog. It is based on a novel from the Big Honey Dog Mysteries by H Y Hanna.

Solution to my first puzzle

The solution to the previous puzzle:

He could see even at this distance that Maria Wallace had not been cooperating with Grell on a voluntary basis. Her skin was broken by bruises and cuts all left untreated. She was breathing with a rasp that suggested internal injuries and there were welts on her arms from injections.

A) John de Lancie
C) Huw
D) New Teen Titans
E) Panama
F) Earnings
G) Ell
H) Leonard Nimoy
I) Treachery Faith and the Great River.
J) Has scabs
K) Ebbing
L) Dais
N) Alls well that ends  well.
O) The three minute universe
P) haw
Q) Oasis
R) Fjords
S) Pursuit
T) Rabbi
U) I saw
V) Nor the battle to the strong
W) Caucus
Y) Star Trek Into Darkness

and the first letters of the answers reading down: John Peel, The Death of Princes.

Friday, 13 March 2015

My first acrostic puzzle

In a crostic puzzle there is a piece of quoted text from a published book. The letters from the quotation make up answers to a series of numbered clues. You begin by answering some of the clues. Usually four or five answers will get you going.

Then you transfer the letters to the diagram. Each letter has a number.

In the diagram each letter has a number, and what clue the letter is from.

As a help (and the reason why the puzzle is called an acrostic, or crostic, or anacrostic) the first letters of the answers spell the name of the author and the title of the book.

I thought I would start with a previously published puzzle:

These are jpg pictures, so you should be able to print them. They should open larger in a new window if you click on them.
Answer at the end of the week.